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Free Newborn & Sitter Sewing Patterns

Free newborn and sitter photography prop sewing patterns are hard to come by as you probably know! If you are here, you were most likely searching for free newborn and sitter photography prop sewing patterns! There are plenty of knitting and crocheting patterns, for newborns and sitters, but not many sewing patterns. So, we wanted to share a couple of the basic patterns with you for free! This way you can get started and see what these patterns are all about and then if you decide you really like them you will want to buy more newborn and sitter photography prop sewing patterns and tutorials. Right?

The great thing about these patterns are that you can make small adjustments and make several different looks.  You can make the pants into shorts or crop pants, add a pocket, buttons, patches or whatever you come up with.  You can use different types of fabric and drawstrings! With the bonnets you can add lace, ribbons, yarns, ruffled fabrics and all kinds of different fabrics to get a thousand different looks! The sky's the limit! Let the creative juices flow! We are so excited for you to get started!  Ready set GO!


newborn prop pants free sewing pattern
newborn pants free sewing pattern
free newborn prop pants pattern


free newborn bonnet pattern
free newborn bonnet pattern
free newborn prop bonnet pattern


free newborn romper pattern for photographers
free newborn prop patterns
free newborn prop sewing pattern


free sitter pants pattern
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