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Our Story

Janine  &  Jessica

We are a mother-daughter team who jumped into the Newborn Photography world in 2013. At that time, Jessica had just had her first baby and I was a nurse at an OB/GYN office and had been working as a nurse for 18 years.


When Jessica took her newborn daughter (my first grandchild) to her newborn photo shoot I tagged along just for fun! We had no idea that one event would be so life changing! We both caught the "Newborn Photography" bug!


Jessica has had a love for photography since she was a teenager and had taught herself Photoshop. So, it made sense for her to do this, but it made no sense for me to do it, except that she was my daughter and I wanted to help her get the business started. We both fell in love with everything newborn! We jumped in head first investing in ourselves and in our business and here we are. 


n February 2016 we started Props By Posies where we sell newborn and sitter props and sewing patterns. Three months later I left my nursing job to keep up with the businesses that we love so much. We love everything newborn! 

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